Friday, December 9, 2011

A girl and her hope chest

Good morning! I've had this post up my sleeve for a few weeks and finally am putting it up:) This is a glimpse into my hope chest. There really isn't much in there, but what you see is very special.
My dear friend Kaitlin is the one that really got me excited about having a hope chest! My parents gave me one for my 21st birthday, and Kaitlin started me off with a lovely set of mocha bowls:)

Bella, my stuffed lamb who sits on top of the chest:

My birthday present from Dad and Mom-a gorgeous Norwegian wool blanket:

My kitchen collection, almost all gifts from Kaitlin over the years:)

The Family Treasure coloring book by Noble Rose press-this is so sweet, and when I found it on sale, I had to have it for my hope chest:

A Carl Larsson (whose art I love!) tray and some yarn that I've been saving:

And I leave you with some good advice:D

xoxo, Elise