Friday, March 30, 2012


Hullo all! I've been inspired by Kellie's Pinterest posts to try my hand at it! So here are a few of my favorite pins. Enjoy!

Road trippin'

This NEVER ceases to make me laugh!

A great pair of cowboy boots

A lovely portrayal of a strong father-daughter relationship

Source: via Eliesl on Pinterest

An easy summer outfit

Mountain Retreat


Source: via Eliesl on Pinterest

Umm, Kaity?? :)

A lovely quilt

Refreshing drinks

A swing over some clear water :)

A house full of books

Enjoy your weekend!
xoxo, Elise

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My artsy friend

Hello friends! I want to tell you about a girl I know. Yes, she is a friend, but she is also an adopted sister.
Her name is Rebecca, and she is the most talented artist I know!
In case you don't know her, here's a picture of her and I the very first time we ever made marshmallows together! This is a tradition with us, and someday we may have an online business making and selling marshmallows to the masses :D

Last summer, Rebecca surprised me with a drawing of Libby and I for my birthday present!

Astonishing resemblance, no? Here's the picture she drew from:

I miss you Becca!!!! Someday I hope to draw a fraction as well as you do.
(and no, that doesn't mean I aspire to draw fractions :)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's change it up...

I have been in a hopeless hair rut for a long time now, with pretty much only 2 styles--a bun, and a half-up (and some slight variations on both). Ellie and I both agreed to find some new hairstyles to make life more interesting :) So here are two that I've tried and liked!

1. The Sock Bun
(instructions here)

(yes, that is a piece of toast and jam!)

This makes my little bun look big! The thing I struggle with is it tends to fall out :-/
So I'm going to have to figure out a way to make things stick.

2. The Ponytail Variation
(instructions here)

I LOVE this one! It is my new favorite. It's easy, cute, and fun to beribbon :)
I'm not usually one for ponytails, but I am now:)

Has anyone found a new favorite hairdo? I'd love to see it:)
Elise (the March Hair)