Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge-Final Day!

Hats were mandatory today!


Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Turtleneck: Lands' End
Skirt: from my good friend and adopted sister, Rebecca:)
Boots: Emu


Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Lands' End
Skirt: Homesewn
Scarf: Bulk Herb Store (years ago)


Hat: from Elise
Scarf: from Mom
Shirt: JJill
Skirt: Banana Republic outlet

And now we're done! It's been a lot of fun and encouraged us to try new combinations. Thank you for putting on this challenge, Ashley! :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 6

We're almost done! It's been fun, but there have been a few times when we just wanted to wear something not-so-well thought out:) Today's challenge was to wear a fall trend.


Shawl: handknit by me!
Shirt: a present from Dad-it has a cardinal in a pine tree on one side:)
Skirt: Pendleton
Boots: Seychelles


Shawl: unknown/anonymous:)
Shirt: Target
Skirt: homesewn
Boots: Born


Scarf: silk and pretty--don't remember where it came from though.
Blouse: Zara
Skirt: ??
Shoes: Barefoot Essentials

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 5

Today is polka-dot day! Easy for Libby, because her closet simply bursts with dots:) I chose to wear a different print, stripes, as I don't have many polka dots in my wardrobe.


Shirt: LLBean
Cardigan: from Janna
Skirt: Anne Klein
Stockings: JCrew--gift from Libby:)


Wrap Cardigan: JJill
Tank: JJill
Skirt: Downeast Basics


Cardigan: Gap
Tank: LLBean
Skirt: Eddie Bauer
Clogs: from Elise
Handkerchief: Vintage:)
(I think Ellie gets double points for combining unusual colors as well as wearing dotty-ness:)

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 4

I am late getting this up, because our internet was really slow yesterday. Better late than never:)

The challenge for day 4 is to dress like your favorite era. We all like many different eras, so it would have been hard to choose, but we don't own a lot of costume-ish clothes. So we just did the best we could with what we have:)

Elise-late 1800's Western pioneer:

Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Blouse: J.Crew
Skirt: Homesewn
Boots: Christmas present last year
Belt: Sundance Catalog clearance

Libby-1940's housewife:

Dress: Eddie Bauer
Belt: Target
Shoes: Sofft
Smile: Her own:D

Ellie-1950's cutie:

Shirt: Jjill
Skirt: Homesewn
Shoes: Banana Republic-years ago
Belt: from Elise
Scarf: from Mom

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 3

Today's challenge was to wear bold tights.


Top: Eddie Bauer
Skirt: Homesewn
Stockings: American Eagle (several years ago)
and my Christmas boots!


Top: JJill
Scarf: Bulk Herb Store (several years ago)
Skirt: Eddie Bauer
Stockings: Sock Dreams


Sweater: St. John's Bay
Skirt: For the Republic brand
Stockings: from Libby
Heels: Barefoot Concepts and adorable:)

Unfortunately, none of us were able to keep our stockings on all day, as it got too warm :'(
But we are looking forward to some colder weather so we can really wear them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 2

Today's theme is colors that do not usually go together.

Elise chose marine blue and goldfish orange:
"cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them"
Orange beret: handknit by Elise
Blue blouse: Old Navy
Belt: Sundance Catalog (clearance)
Skirt: Cabi

Libby chose to wear white with off-white:

Blouse: Eddie Bauer outlet
Vest: Jantzen
Skirt: homesewn, from the Marie Madeline Studio Route 66 skirt pattern

Ellie is wearing spring green with turquoise:

Sweater: from Libby
Top: Talbots
Skirt: homesewn by the Marie Madeline Studio Street Fair Skirt pattern (can you tell we really like them? :)

Till tomorrow!
-Three sisters

Fall Fashion Challenge-Day 1

Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion is hosting a Fall Fashion Challenge this week, and at Ellie's suggestion, all three of us are participating! We think it will be lots of fun and force us to be more creative in coming up with outfits.

Here are our outfits for Sunday/Day 1:


Turtleneck: Lands' End
Skirt: Sundance Catalog (clearance:)
Belt: Sundance Catalog (clearance)
Boots: Christmas present last year


Pale green blouse: Gap
Creamy vest: Jantzen
Gray skirt: Kohl's
Brown heels: Naya


Jacket: American Eagle
Sweater: JJill
Skirt: from Elise
Shoes: Shoe outlet:)

Today there was no "theme" to follow, so we just wore what we wanted to wear:) It was a really long day at church, and we played for a bridal shower in the afternoon. So what you see is three tired girls:)